Terms Conditions

In the whole below document bemyreferrer.com and Bemyreferrer.com are same. User/Users belong to both applicant or Job seekers and referrer. All responses/acceptance belong to any particular job id.

Bemyreferrer.com deals in public domain and user can come across to do the business (looking for references) as per the policy set by Bemyreferrer.com. Bemyreferrer.com gathers the user’s information and store that in its own database which is a property of bemyreferrer.com and shares user’s information with other users whom they want to. Applicant information will be shared with referrers and vice versa. Bemyreferrer.com gives the facility/platform to applicant choose the referrer and referrer choose their applicant. Its final authority of applicant/job seeker to choose his/her referrer among the referrer’s list while list keeps only referrers those showed there interest in the applicant profile for any particular job id. Job can be posed by applicant as well as referrer too while applicant posted job is private to him/her only while the job posted by referrer will be in public domain so any interested applicant can apply on that.

Personal information will be visible to each other user except Name, mobile no, email id and CV while these will be visible once the connection gets mature between respective applicant and referrer for any particular job id. Mature connection will always be in between applicant and referrer only. One applicant can have only one matured connection for any particular job id. Few service are paid service like making any matured connection with referrer by applicant, referrer want to show his/her interest in applicants profile while he/she as referrer already gets matured with one of the applicant for that particular job (referrer will pay only to avail the service for showing the interest, bemyreferrer.com doesn’t give any response guarantee from applicant side on referrer profile who shoed interest in applicant’s profile). For referrer, one matured connection is free for each job id either that posted by applicant or by referrer (either by himself/herself or by his/her company colleague).

When any employee will post any job then that will be available in the public domain to apply by applicant looking job in your referrer’s company. All the interest showed by applicant will be sent to all the registered referrer which includes the one who posted that job plus other’s registered referrer of that company.

Bemyreferrer.com assumes that the information given/posted job by users in terms of anything is legal, valid, genuine and correct. Bemyreferrer.com doesn’t take any responsibility to validate. Its user’s (Like Applicant, Referrer etc.) responsibility to validate the information given by user how will consume that. All responses/acceptance a user will get/send will be his/her own decision without any influence/interference by Bemyreferrer.com and all users (Applicant, Referrer etc.) will have to validate the senders/receiver’s information from where he/she getting responses/acceptance. The individual/company would have to conduct its own background checks on the bonafide nature of all response(s).

Bemyreferrer.com will not be liable on account of any inaccuracy of information for any kind of user like referrer, applicant on this web site. It is the responsibility of the site’s user to further research on information provided on the site. Any information provided by the user on the site will be visible to the other user in a respective manner without any change as bemyreferrer.com doesn’t do any kind of changes/Edit in the information provided. Bemyreferrer.com does not give any guarantee on confidentiality of information provided to it as the Bemyreferrer.com deals in public domain but ensures that the personal information will be visible only to the users to whom applicant/referrer wants to.

Bemyreferrer.com does share personal information of user in a planned manner where he/she want to achieve the purpose to be on the site like find the referrers etc. Bemyreferrer.com doesn’t share the personal/users information/s to any other entity which/who doesn’t involve with bemyreferrer.com in any open and legal business engagement but will be shared in any situation like court order.

All available job/s on the site will be posted by the users (Like Applicant, Referrer) only and published after getting approval from site Admin that may take time. Admin will/may just validate the content of the post, not the validity, authenticity, availability etc. Bemyreferrer.com assumes that the information given by users during posting job (and everywhere too) is legal and correct and doesn’t take any responsibility to validate the information. Who want to apply on that posted job will be only responsible to validate the information provided by the user who posted the Job.

Bemyreferrer.com provide a facility/platform to get references to both type of users Applicant and Referrers (Applicant who are looking for Job and Referrer who want to give there references to Applicant looking for job in his/her current company). It will be Referrer/Applicant responsibility to check/validate all kind of information provided by Applicant/Referrer respectively those wants to make/created mature connection for any job id. Bemyreferrer.com assumes that referrer will provide only his/her own reference not on behalf of some other user and one referrer profile belong to one referrer only. Referrer will have to ensure that he/she giving there reference to job applicant on the site as per there employer recruitment policy. No financial benefits/rewards/payment will be given to any type of user like Applicant, Referrers etc. from bemyreferrer.com side. Bemyreferrer.com providing facility/platform using technologies and the user undertakes not to circumvent these methods. All the rights reserved by Bemyreferrer.com to do any kind of communication to their users via phone, email etc. using the information provided by users themselves which can be stop/start without prior notice from bemyreferrer.com.

User profile activation/deactivation on the site decision is whole responsivity/authority of bemyreferrer.com while can be done anytime without any prior notice. For any user account deactivation bemyreferrer.com is not liable to give reason. Bemyreferrer.com committed to provide genuine referrer reference on the site as a registered user so referrer will have make his account active every time whenever he will change his/her current company till the time account will become inactive. Account activation mail will always go to the registered mail id. Bemyreferrer.com suggest user to update the company and registered mail id together. Once current company will gets change then all the current company referrer request, job posted will removed from referrer’s account.

To use the facility/platform to find references, users will have to buy the plan. Plan purchased cannot be canceled or revoked or changed. User can ask not to release the payment to bemyreferrer.com as payment gateway follow buyer protection policy. Bemyreferrer.com doesn’t deal in cash payment, all the payment will be made via online payment gateway only. Plan and service can be change by bemyreferrer.com any time without any prior notice.

The user shall not upload, post, transmit, publish, or distribute any material or information that is unlawful, or which may potentially be perceived as being harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, obscene, or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable.

Information given by users like resume, personal details feed into bemyreferrer.com is correct and complete and doesn’t keep any kind false, misleading information, manipulation etc. user provided information stored in non-editable mode in bemyreferrer.com so all the given information will be whole responsibility of the respective user only while its bemyreferrer.com right to any user/post make active/publish on the site. User agrees to compensate bemyreferrer.com for any kind of losses.

The user will be whole responsible to maintain confidentiality of user login credential like user password, user name etc. and user will be whole responsible for carrying out any online or off-line transaction involving credit cards / debit cards or such other forms of instruments or documents for making such transactions and bemyreferrer.com assumes no responsibility or liability for their improper use of information relating to such usage of credit cards / debit cards used by the subscriber online / off-line.

Bemyreferrer.com assumes that site user must be 18 years or older than that. All kind of users of bemyreferrer.com does hereby specifically agree that he/she shall, at all times, comply with the requirements of the law of India… if there is any kind of violations happens by any kind of users respective user shall alone be responsible for all his/her acts and that he/she alone shall be liable for civil and criminal liability there under or under any other law for the time being in force. The User is solely responsible for obtaining, at his own cost, all licenses, permits etc. if there is any paid service offered by bemyreferrer.com.

Bemyreferrer.com always try to make sure to do so but does not ensure that any site/network system linked to it is free of any operational errors nor does it warrant that it will be free of any virus, computer contaminant, worm, or other harmful components. Bemyreferrer.com assumes that the user providing the personal information is correct and user agrees that bemyreferrer.com can send any kind of communication related to the subject/matter bemyreferrer.com to do business. User will indemnify and hold harmless the Round One, its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any demands, liabilities, claims and actions, including without limitation any professional and legal and accounting fees, resulting from or relating to any material uploaded by the Candidate on the Website or breach by the Candidate of these terms of use.

Bemyreferrer.com offered services on 100% advance payment basis. No refund request will be entertain by bemyreferrer.com while always try to rectify the issue/s for user without any guaranteed timeline. Bemyreferrer.com gives no guarantees of server uptime or applications working properly. Bemyreferrer.com reserve right to make the service available to user free or paid without any other influence while change/removal can be done without any prior notice. Site terms of agreements can be change at any time without any prior notice.

Bemyfererrer.com further reserves its right to post the data on the website while all the data content will be posted by the Users after creating login and the posted data may be validated /screened by the site administrator.

Bemyreferrer.com doesn’t give any guarantee that the information provided by any user to site will always be private while try to ensure not to be from bemyreferrer.com side. Bemyreferrer.com will not be party to any legal proceedings between a user (e.g. a subscriber) and a party contracted through the site. In case bemyreferrer.com is implicated in any legal proceedings, costs will be recovered from the party that names bemyreferrer.com. Bemyreferrer.com whoever will abide with any court order served on it through due process. If any user receives any mail in world wide web/internet contains spam, virus, malware and etc. Bemyreferrer.com is not responsible for that and the losses due to that.’ Bemyreferrer.com assumes no responsibility for such mails. All subscribers will be consider as end user and assumes that don’t work on behalf on any other user/subscriber.bemyreferrer.com has no agents and don’t authorized to interact with users using the information provided at the time of registration. All the communication will happen as a response without any guaranteed time line or will be done in all term in which bemyreferrer.com do business.

All above terms and condition will regulate the usages/subscription of Bemyreferrer.com. Any user/subscriber using bemyreferrer.com and do violation of the content or the sense of that given content will make him/her legally answerable in both civil court and criminal court. Any user violating term and condition may/will be terminated from the service usage without any prior notice from bemyreferrer.com and the deposited amount will not be refund as penalty/compensation.

Job Applicant or Job seeker and referrer need to upload the required/asked information by brmyreferrer.com while user can upload those and edit those without any charges paid to bemyreferrer.com. no user information will be edited by bemyreferrer.com ever while reserve the right to make the user active/inactive on the basis of information provided by user without any prior notice. Bemyreferrer.com ensures that there will be no influence in the response received to any user on the site and doesn’t give any guarantee to get satisfactory response.

All the mature connection between the applicant and referrer will be made by the respective users only and bemyreferrer.com does provide the platform/facility till the time connection get mature between users after that all the conversation between parties/users will be out of scope of bemyreferrer.com and will not be any party in-between if there is any legal process happen due to any controversy/issue.

Bemyreferrer.com would not be held liable for loss of any data technical or otherwise, or of the resume/ insertion or information/data or particulars supplied by user due to acts of god as well as reasons beyond its control like corruption of data or delay or failure to perform as a result of any cause(s) or conditions that are beyond bemyreferrer.com reasonable control including but not limited to strikes, riots, civil unrest, Govt. policies, tampering of data by unauthorized persons like hackers, distributed denial of service attacks, virus attacks, war and natural calamities.

Bemyreferrer.com asking to pay just to make the connection mature as a service between applicant and referrer on any particular job id while involved user may/may not have benefits involving in that matured connection. Bemyreferrer.com doesn’t make agreement to forward the name/CV of the applicant in their current or any other company for employment. Bemyreferrer.com offers service till the time connection gets matured between applicant and referrer only. Intention of bemyreferrer,com is “Referrer may forward applicant CV for the job on which job id their connection got matured but referrer is not obliged to do so”. Bemyreferrer.com doesn’t interfere in the recruitment policy/procedure of any organization/company.

It will be whole responsibility to check and validate the information provided by the applicant/referrer if any response received/send. Bemyreferrer.com assumes no responsibility in this respect thereof and expressly disclaims any liability for any act, deed or thing which the user may so do, pursuant to the receipt of the response, if any, to the resume/ insertion or information/ date being fed into the network system.

This service/platform/facility is meant for applicant/referrer looking suitable candidate’s reference interested in a particular company to have a job posted by users only. Job will be post by applicant/referrer only and bemyreferrer.com assumes that the job information posted by site users received through personal and legal resources only. Bemyreferrer.com doesn’t take responsibility to validate the information given in the job posted and will not participate if there is any legal activities happen between user/s and any third party. Bemyreferrer.com reserve right to post the job or user information if seems like presentable in public domain. Resume/CV posted by users will/may be screen by bemyreferrer.com. User or subscriber can be discontinued/delete if found posting any unacceptable content in public domain without any prior notice.

Any improper behavior of applicant or referrer after connection getting matured can be reported to bemyreferrer.com which may be the reason of immediate deactivation of account of user misbehaved.

User can use the services provided for their personal use only not for commercial use without prior notice and agreement with bemyreferrer.com.

Bemyreferrer.com assumes that candidate undertakes not to introduce, post, or transmit information or software, which contains a computer virus, or a contaminant, worm or other harmful components on the Website.

This is the platform/services for individual not for authorize another person to use the user/subscriber’s account on behalf of themselves. Bemyreferrer.com doesn’t give any availability guarantee of job as per the selected company, skill, location etc.

The user/subscriber will be given a password from bemyreferrer.com to make them enable to access all the facilities/platform but the sole responsibility of the safe custody of the password shall be that of the subscriber and bemyreferrer.com will not be responsible for data loss/theft of data/corruption of data or the wrong usage/misuse of the password and any damage or leak of information and its consequential usage by a third party bemyreferrer.com undertakes to take all reasonable precautions at its end to ensure that there is no leakage/misuse of the password granted to the subscriber.

Bemyreferrer.com assumes that users giving full authority to share their information stored in bemyreferrer.com database with the users/subscribers without their permission. Information can also be shared with the payment gateway to make the transaction identifiable in user account. Payment gateway policy may/can be change without prior notice to user/subscriber and bemyreferrer.com while bemyreferrer.com will not be responsible for data loss/theft of data/corruption of data and any damage or leak of information and its consequential usage by a third party.bemyreferrer.com undertakes to take all reasonable precautions at its end to ensure that there is no leakage/misuse of the password granted to the subscriber.

User may make your profile inactive or block CV not to be visible but due to technical issue profile may be visible to blocked company users. Content posted by user may be to screen first before posting those on the site which may take time without any time limit/SLA guarantee. On registration you agreed with the term and condition of bemyreferrer.com, you agree to make your personal information available to other user/subscriber on the way/mechanism/platform/facility provided/developed by bemyreferrer.com without any prior notice to respective user/s. some of the services/facilities will//may be withdraw/activated from user/subscriber account with/without notice on the basis of plan subscription/plan subscription time period expiration or end of respective count facility given, you agree to receive promotional mailers/ special offers from bemyreferrer.com

Bemyreferrer.com keeps the right reserved to make/change into the contract of communication/interaction between the users like between job applicant and who want to give reference to job applicant. Bemyreferrer.com only provides platform to applicant and referrer to meet, all the communication beyond will be out of scope of bemyreferrer.com. Information authentication/validation shared between users (applicant and referrer) will be responsibility of user only.

The User/subscriber of these services does not claim any copyright or other Intellectual Property Right over the data uploaded by him/her on the website. Jurisdiction for any disputes arising from and related to this contest shall be Gurgaon, India to the exclusion of all other courts. Disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of India as applicable All plans will work accordingly as when that was purchased. As the bemyreferrer.com doesn’t give any guarantee to work that always as per agreed from user due to technical issue without any intension introversion without proper notice from bemyreferrer.com

The payment for service once subscribed to by the subscriber is not refundable while buyers protection policy maintained by payment gateway side so the user can denied to release the payment in bemyreferrer.com account, while bemyreferrer.com can produce proof of delivery in that respect. Payment gateway and any other third party involved doing business with bemyreferrer.com is free from bemyreferrer.com to make changes in their policy without prior notice to bemyreferrer.com and its registered user. So the payment related disputes will not be entertained among other then three party’s bemyreferrer.com, payment gateway and subscriber. This subscription of user is not transferable.

It will be the sole responsibility of the individual/user/subscriber to check the authenticity of all or any response received pursuant to the connect message for going out of station or in station for any job / interview/offer later and bemyreferrer.com assumes no responsibility in respect thereof.

Bemyreferrer.com is not liable to make any payment via any channel to any user/subscriber and doesn’t give any guarantee for job and suitable reference. All the information belongs to users will be provided to users to help them making best reference selection only. The subscriber undertakes that the data/information provided by him is true and correct in all respects. User will not be able to use the services provided by bemyreferrer.com for uploading/transmitting content which is illegal or objectionable. All disputes arising out of the transactions between a user and bemyreferrer.com will be resolved in accordance with the laws of India as applicable in Gurgaon court only.

Bemyreferrer.com will not be responsible in any way for failure of any frontend/backend technology.Bemyreferrer.com does not give any guarantees about the credentials sent in the Job SMS/mail and any other communication channel. The liability of the bemyreferrer.com exists till the purchased plan expires while some of the services are free. Bemyreferrer.com reserves the right to make any service free/payable without any prior notice. The User of these services does not claim any copyright or other Intellectual Property Right over the data uploaded by him/her on the website.Bemyreferrer.com will start the payable service only once the amount received from subscriber.Bemyreferrer.com does not provide any assistance/opportunity/assurance to provide a job to job seekers and job seekers reference to referrer. Bemyreferrer.com only provides a platform/facility where job seekers and referrers can come and request other user to give/use there references for their own benefits as per the policies of the company/origination where referrer works and job seeker looking for job. Bemyreferrer.com does not ask for users/subscribers credential to use.